Whether you’re travelling for business for just a few days or for several weeks, time management and efficiency can often mean the difference between rousing success or debilitating stress.

Technology plays a big part in this; specifically, smartphone apps, many of which have come after many years of trial and error in their attempts to expedite travel necessities and avoid any mishaps.

Not sure which ones you should be downloading? theupsider.com.au have rounded up a few of the best.

These are the essential apps every savvy business traveller should have – aside from the obvious Dropbox, Google Maps, Google Translate, WhatsApp and the many ride-sharing services, of course.


Image: Drops / Facebook

Let’s face it, brushing up on a new language beyond a few phrases often demands more time than you may have. That’s where an audio-visual learning apps like Drops comes in.

Particularly if you’re on a last-minute trip, Drops is a valuable program for those who need help building, strengthening and maintaining their vocabulary in any of 32 different languages, which include Japanese, Korean, French, German and Portuguese.

Through a rote learning approach and a clean, attractive interface, the app successfully gamifies the time-consuming task of building a sufficient vocabulary in another language, doing so in engaging and meaningful ways that don’t feel tedious or demanding.

This is mostly done through gestures, whether it’s swiping a word towards the correct illustration or re-constructing broken words by syllable. And it frames that with time constraints as well, allowing you just five minutes per day on the unpaid version, and while that may not seem like much, the app does pack a lot in that short span.


Image: LoungeBuddy / Facebook

Avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy airport by escaping to a quiet airport lounge. To do this, use LoungeBuddy.

The app, incredibly popular amongst business travellers, is a firmly established and well-connected program that uses information like your airline status, type of credit cards, and existing lounge memberships to easily manage and track any access to airport lounges around the world you may have.

LoungeBuddy operates fairly simply, mostly proving its worth as a comprehensive guidebook to an enormous network of lounges, detailing amenities and locations. It also uses supplied data to remind or alert you when there’s a lounge you have access to, as well as provides you with information on nearby lounges that sell day passes, some of which can be purchased directly via the app with either a credit card or credits.


Image: FLIO / Facebook

Similar to LoungeBuddy, FLIO helps you gain access to more than 350 airport lounges across the world, but it also does so much more.

Often referred to as the ultimate all-in-one airport companion, the app is densely packed and meticulously organised with plenty of information regarding live flight tracking, Wi-Fi hotspots, interactive terminal maps and suggestions, and access to deals for food, drink and shopping.

Navigating a terminal before actually landing there is the app’s best use, as well as its ability to provide detailed, accurate information on road directions and the easiest ways to get from the airport to the city.

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