By being part of the travel and tourism ecosystem, we have a responsibility to protect and care for our planet. We understand our responsibilities as an employer and business partner, and we are committed to developing initiatives that provide practical benefits to businesses, the environment and local communities.

Companies must substantiate their commitments to the environment by taking clear, actionable steps that lighten their environmental footprint. And, with travel contributing around 8% of global carbon emissions, delivering a carbon neutral travel program is becoming a key priority.

Serko / Zeno Booking System

Our booking system Serko / Zeno supports you on the path to a carbon neutral travel program with their soon-to-be-launched Mission Zero solution in Zeno. Zeno Mission Zero enables organisations to rigorously calculate their emissions, reduce them as much as possible, then purchase and retire carbon offsets to the equivalent of the remaining emissions – all within the Zeno booking flow. The calculation and offset of carbon emissions is facilitated by Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) via an integration with their technology solution, BlueHalo® Journey in Zeno.

Carbon Offset Your Trip

Businesses and individuals can compensate for their unavoidable emissions by financing certified climate action activities around the world by buying carbon credits. Spencer Travel is proud to work with South Pole who offer solutions to both mitigate risk and achieve your sustainability goals .

For more information on Serko / Zeno and South Pole carbon offsetting, please contact us on