Spencer Travel’s Groups and Events Department is growing, and we are thrilled to introduce to you our new Group Specialist Matthew Ball.

Matthew has been in travel for over 20 years. He’s very passionate about the industry, and was initially inspired by his grandfather’s brother who was a check captain before taking on the role of CEO of TAA. Matthew also has a strong background in IT an enjoys combining this knowledge with his passion for travel.

Let’s find out a little more about Matthew.

What do you like about working at Spencer Travel?

“I am lucky to have worked for a broad variety of travel companies, however from the moment I started with Spencer the professionalism along with team support was second to none.

I am in Perth and lucky enough to work with ease from my office, based on the other side of the country.”

What is your favourite holiday destination?

“Hands down without even thinking about it Las Vegas. No, I don’t gamble it’s just a place where you can do anything at anytime. A great city to travel solo, with family and or friends.”

What is your best travel tip?

“Pack noise cancelling headphones, and expect the unexpected when travelling. However with noise cancelling headphones you can tune out of any distractions.”

Welcome to the team Matthew!